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Just-in-Time Accounts for MSP Techs

Another powerful way for Managed IT Providers to Stop Sharing Admin Accounts

Within the realm of privileged account management (PAM), there are several commendable options available to MSPs, each designed to cater to distinct security and operational needs. In our quest to empower MSPs to Stop Sharing Admin Accounts, we have seen a need to develop our Just-In-Time Accounts feature. This dynamic approach to PAM can be finely tuned to align with the precise demands of both your organization and your clients.

Tailoring Your PAM Strategy: TechIDManager's Just-in-Time Accounts feature empowers you to define your PAM layout precisely as needed. This approach is all about flexibility, enabling you to strike a balance between security and operational efficiency. Whether you are managing domain admin accounts, local admin accounts, Azure./O365 domain accounts, or others, TechIDManager allows you to create and manage these accounts on-demand.

Why Consider Just-in-Time Accounts? The choice to leverage Just-in-Time Accounts is rooted in the need to address potential security risks, all while preserving the convenience of static accounts. It's not about discrediting one in favor of the other but rather integrating them strategically within your organization's security framework.

By adopting TechIDManager's Just-in-Time Accounts, you can:

  1. Enhance Security & Efficiency: Just-in-Time Accounts provide an additional layer of security by activating privileged access only when needed. This minimizes the risk of breaches while maintaining the convenience of static accounts when they are required.

  2. Customize Your PAM Approach: TechIDManager empowers you to design your privileged account management approach according to your organization's and your clients' unique needs. Whether you prioritize security, compliance, or operational efficiency, you can tailor Just-in-Time Accounts accordingly.

  3. Facilitate Compliance and Cyber Insurance Requirements: With TechIDManager's flexibility, staying compliant with regulatory standards and fulfilling cyber insurance prerequisites becomes more manageable. Just-in-Time Accounts align seamlessly with compliance needs, reducing compliance-related challenges.

In summary, TechIDManager's Just-in-Time Accounts offer a flexible and secure approach to privileged account management. We provide you with the tools to customize your PAM strategy, adapt to your evolving security needs, and address compliance requirements effectively. With TechIDManager, you have the freedom to choose the account management approach that best suits your organization and your clients.